Nearly half of Mexico doesn’t have internet access

We’re Viasat — and we’re working to change this in thousands of rural communities across Mexico by bringing fast, affordable Wi-Fi hotspots to unconnected or underserved areas.


A world of opportunity

Helping kids with homework. Connecting families with distant relatives. Helping farmers manage their businesses. Access to the internet can transform lives — which is why we’re bringing it to the hardest-to-reach places in Mexico.

Equal access for all

We want to bring Community Internet where it’s needed most across Mexico — because we believe everyone should have equal access to the internet.


How Community Internet works

Community residents purchase pay-as-you-go internet from a local Viasat reseller, allowing them to connect to our satellite internet network through a local Wi-Fi connection.

Community Internet in action

Bringing Connectivity

Viasat already provides internet access to over a million people across Mexico within walking distance of a Community Internet hotspot — and keep working to connect hundreds of new communities every month.

Join us

Interested in connecting your community and becoming a Community Internet service provider? Learn more