05/28/2020 | BYPOR Alex Miller

5 tips to take care of your dog during quarantine

We already shared with you some tips to study from home, which we hope have been useful for those who have children at home during the COVID-19 quarantine .

But how about dogs and cats? You are probably also concerned about what isolation means to them and what they must be feeling by having humans all day in “their” home.

Pet owners must pay attention to their needs and anxiety in the midst of the pandemic. In this regard, we give you these 5 tips that come directly from experts:

1. Give them a quiet and safe space

Dogs get sad when you leave them alone at home, but don’t think that they want to be playing around all the time; they also need their peace of mind and generally get it when you’re not home.

Now imagine how they must feel now that you’re at home ALL DAY. Of course, your dog loves you, but even he needs a safe and secure space for when he wants to take it easy (and by that we don’t mean being tied up on the roof of your building). Respect this space, make sure that its temperature is right for your pet and leave something pleasant for him there, such as a bed, blanket or cushion, and his toys — as well as enough food and water.

2. Take care of its diet

 Just as you should take care of your diet, especially since it is very likely that you are not exercising as much as before, take care of your pet’s. Seeing that you are home all the time, dogs will want you to give them treats or snacks more frequently. To calm them down, you may be tempted to give in. If you concede, make it a healthy snack, maybe a fruit or a piece of carrot.

3. Go for a walk just as you used to do it before the pandemic.

Change your pet’s routine as little as possible. If you’ve always taken him out once a day before going to work, keep to that schedule. Now, if you are a first-time owner, start training your dog according to your “normal” schedule (that is, the one you will follow when you return to the office).

4. Play hide and seek

 Your pet experiences the world by its senses, such as smell, so help it stimulate them by playing games such as hide and seek. Use food or snacks instead of the usual toys and hide them around the house. This kind of games will help it exercise its mind, body and recall skills. Also they will keep your pet busy and burning energy.

5. Prepare them for the future

Maybe you’re doing everything to help your pet adapt to quarantine, but you better prepare for the near future, since this situation is going to end eventually. When you return to your normal routine, your dog or cat will feel another change by not having you at home. So, go out as much as possible and leave your pet alone for a few minutes so it doesn’t get used to having you there all day. If you can’t or don’t want to go out, just stay away from your pet for a while every day. We know it’s going to be hard, but it’s for its own good!

And please, don’t get mad at your furry little friend if he does things he didn’t do before (or that you didn’t know he does) or if he’s too anxious. All of us (dogs, cats and humans) are adapting to a new reality that requires a lot of patience.

How to train your dog at home?

Now, if you want to take advantage of your free time and improve your pet’s habits, check out these five YouTube channels. All of them feature tips to teach them the usual tricks, but also about deeper topics:

José Arca

José is a veterinarian, that’s why many of his videos are useful for learning how to act in emergencies or illnesses, but he also has training clips.

José Luis MartGon

He’s one of the most popular trainers on YouTube. His explanations are very specific and pleasant, he also has some comedy videos with his puppies.

More than a friend

This channel mixes tips with a diary in which they show what daily life is like with their dogs.

Canine-service training

Offers very specific advice for training and caring for dogs, but we especially recommend his latest videos, as he talks about COVID-19 and training at home.

Dog Training with EnricEnPositivo

This channel pays a lot of attention to train your dog without hurting him, that’s why he’s one of our favorites.


Here’s a little extra for you and your dog: it’s not a YouTube channel, but a TV service made especially for dogs. It features shows designed to reduce their stress and keep them entertained, even when you are not at home. It also helps them stimulate their vision and hearing. You have a 14-day free trial period. This service is compatible with Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Chrome and Android.