Acceptable Use Policy Overview

The Acceptable Use Policy outlines terms for customers’ use of our network.

An Acceptable Use Policy stipulates how our customers can use our internet services.

Basically, we ask you not use our service or equipment to break any laws, not send unsolicited bulk email, knowingly degrade service for other users, and a few other common-sense requests. It also allows us to hold customers who engage in these activities responsible, and to take steps to prevent or correct these actions.

In exchange for adhering to the policy, we’ll provide you with the best service possible. To view the Acceptable Use Policy, click here.

What is the Acceptable Use Policy?

Our Acceptable Use Policy outlines the terms under which a customer may use our network.

For more detailed information, you can read the Acceptable Use Policy.

Why do you have an Acceptable Use Policy?

We set rules for permissible activities as a part of providing the best satellite internet experience possible for all Viasat customers.

In brief, the Acceptable Use Policy states that customers cannot resell the service or engage in illegal activities, such as spamming or copyright infringement. Customers must comply with the law and not attempt to do anything that might compromise the network or its security. It holds customers responsible for any damage caused by their activities and allows us to take preventative and corrective actions, including blocking emails. It also provides information about who to contact if a customer believes copyright infringement occurred.

Will the service work with a wireless network or router?

Yes, however, we do not offer any installation or troubleshooting assistance with anything associated with the 3rd-party wireless network including the connection to the router and network cards.

Do internet-based games work well on the Viasat network?

We make every effort to overcome the inherent delay (latency) of the signals that travel to and from our satellites. Many online games will experience a noticeable lag or delayed effect, which is normal and expected with any satellite internet network. As a result, some online games have very poor performance with this service and some online games may not work at all. We’ve identified various games that appear to work well on our Viasat network and are happy to share the names of those games with you. Each game is programmed to handle latency differently.

Additionally, online games often use a lot of bandwidth, primarily on downloads, and may cause you to exceed the usage thresholds under our Consumer Plans Explanation in Exhibit A to your customer agreement.

Will Voice-over-IP solutions work with my service?

Yes, VoIP services should work fairly well on Viasat service, but we don’t guarantee any quality of service levels for customers. You will notice a slight delay using VoIP over satellite due to latency.

Do VPN connections work well on the Viasat network?

Some VPN solutions, generally those based on SSL, may work over our service, as they incur no significant performance degradation.  However, we do not recommend or support any VPN solutions.  Additionally, using a VPN connection may increase your bandwidth usage.

Our Customer Care will not provide any technical assistance for VPN issues.

May customers use a webcam on the Viasat network?

Customers may use a web camera over the network for person-to-person interactive communications (such as instant messengers) but not as web or video server.

Will streaming audio/video technology work over the Viasat network?

Yes, our customers can receive streaming video or audio through their satellite modem. However, customers cannot place a streaming video or audio server behind the satellite modem.

We consider any type of server behind our Viasat satellite modem a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.

Customer Care does not provide any technical assistance with streaming video/audio applications or servers.

May customers run web servers on the Viasat network?

No, we consider any type of server behind our Viasat satellite modem a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.

How do you define ‘server’?

A server is any application, program or service that runs on a customer’s computer and provides another person, computer or software application access to information or data from a remote location through the satellite modem.

If Viasat terminates service due to Acceptable Use Policy violations, is the customer still responsible for termination fees?

Repeated violations of the Acceptable Use Policy allow us to terminate the Customer Agreement for breach of contract. If the fixed term of the contract is not satisfied at that time, the customer must pay any applicable Early Termination Fees.

Will video conferencing technology work over the Viasat network?

Typically, video conferencing solutions will not work over the Viasat network. They upload video and audio streams from behind a satellite modem and currently Viasat Customer Care cannot provide any technical assistance with these applications. We consider any type of server behind the Viasat satellite modem a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.

Do VNC’s (Remote Desktop Applications) work with the Viasat service?

A computer configured to allow a VNC (remote desktop connections) behind a Viasat satellite modem will function.  However, VNC modem-to-modem connections may not work if the satellite modems are not provisioned in the same carrier.

We will not provide any technical assistance for this application.