10/17/2019 | BYPOR Nichole Rostad

The influence of the internet in Mexico’s work environment

Looking for a job, finding better opportunities, starting a business, managing accounts: In all these scenarios, the internet is essential.

Those who do not use digital tools — or don’t have access to them — are at a great disadvantage. So how do Mexicans use the internet in their professional life?

Job search online

Currently, 90% of Mexicans seeking employment do so online. Of these, 94% look for vacancies in job portals, others use cellphone applications (51%) or visit company sites (49%), according to the Study on Internet Job Search in Mexico by the Internet Association.MX.

Millennials (25 to 38 years old) and Generation Z (under 24) who are looking for work are interested in positions that allow them to develop professionally and offer a good salary, while Baby Boomers (over 54 years old) looking for job opportunities online tend to focus on having a better salary.

And people looking for work aren’t just doing it on their laptops. Mobile devices have become more relevant in job search. In 2018, 40% of the online job searches were made using smartphones.

No problem for people living in big cities, but Mexicans who live in rural areas and have smartphones can’t use them without internet connection. That’s why Viasat contributes to the improvement of Mexico’s employment situation by bringing internet to the most remote areas in order to allow a fair integration of everybody to the digital world.

Internet as a launching pad for self-employment

The very nature of businesses has changed in the online age. By using technology properly, small businesses have more opportunities to thrive. Many time-saving online apps and tools are free or inexpensive, allowing small businesses access to platforms that may have been out of reach just a few years ago.

The liberty of using social media communication, ‘do it yourself’ websites and e-commerce tools has encouraged a new generation of young Mexican entrepreneurs to create their brands of original products. The advantage is that they can use all of what the internet offers to manage their production processes and expenses, advertising, and sales.

Internet access offers opportunities to those who want to be successful in business, offer professional services (such as consulting or teaching), develop websites or apps, start an e-commerce site, become a freelancer in their spare time or even become influencers.

Finding freelance work has gotten simpler with sites such as Upwork or Freelancer.com. Another site, Fiverr, lets you bid on individual paid tasks from people in different parts of the world. This could be anything from editing a photograph or a simple translation to logo design, 3D modeling, search engine optimization and more.

Remote employment: home office

There are many types of employment models: We can work in an office or from home, occasionally or full time. In addition, thanks to video-calls and instant messaging, a worker can go to another city or country while still staying connected to the team.

Since the internet enables this kind of remote work, companies can offer greater flexibility to their employees — something that’s valued by workers in any generation but particularly by younger ones.

The most useful tool in cases of unemployment

Thanks to the internet, people facing unemployment situations can find ways to move forward. Some can request online government support or get professionally updated with free courses online while they find another job or search for vacancies. Others could find the opportunity to start their own business.

Internet is helping people find a job easier and faster, bringing down the levels of unemployment in Mexico. According to the Study on Internet Job Search, out of all the people looking for a job in 2018, 43% was unemployed, 6% less than 2017. Of course, the internet access is only the link between a person and an opportunity, but thanks to that, the chances of finding a job are bigger.

Anyone should have the opportunity to pursue professional growth using the tools that the world offers us, regardless of whether we are living in a large city or a small town.



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