08/12/2019 | BYPOR Nichole Rostad

Viasat and Facebook team up to help to connect Mexico

The challenge of improving internet connectivity in Mexico could be solved easier if more hands and minds were put to work on the problem. And if those who come together to connect the country are innovative and revolutionary companies, we can expect great results.

It’s in this context that Viasat recently announced an alliance with Facebook to help bring internet to many areas with poor or no connectivity.

The biggest obstacle for rural communities is often the fact that traditional internet service providers can’t or won’t build out the infrastructure needed because it’s complicated and expensive. They would have to pass on those costs to consumers, and many people couldn’t afford it. This is why it’s essential that the technology taken to these places is easy to install and understand. It also needs to have low cost and ability to provide high speed, high quality service.

Viasat seeks to expand internet access to rural areas. Our partnership with Facebook will help further this mission by helping identify those areas where connectivity is needed most.

Viasat’s Community Wi-Fi program has already connected thousands of previously underserved Mexican communities; we have installed nearly 3,000 hotspots that currently serve more than 1.7 million users. (add short description of how CWF works and approximate cost)

We have also begun installing 75 free Wi-Fi hotspots, which were selected with the advice of government institutions to decide where they will be better used.

The data, technology and reach of Facebook will help us to expand our services more quickly and efficiently. With their technology platform, they are able to locate the rural communities where there is poor internet access to no internet access at all, allowing us to bring connectivity to the places that need it most.

“Viasat’s Community Wi-Fi service is an example of a model that can help overcome the challenges of global connectivity, especially in rural areas that are difficult to reach,” said Dan Rabinovitsj, Vice President of Connectivity at Facebook.

Mexico is the first country where the efforts of this joint operation are underway with potential expansion into other countries throughout the world. Through the partnership between Viasat and Facebook, efforts to reduce the digital divide continue, as we continue to expand our presence and bring affordable connectivity to the hardest-to-reach places.

We believe that our partnership with Facebook will be beneficial to the people of Mexico while also helping build a sustainable business in the country for companies looking to help connect the unconnected.